Automotive Testing Expo Korea 2019

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March 6, 7, 8, 2019
KINTEX, Seoul, Korea

Show News

Expanded dynamometer test engineering services
A&G Technology Co Ltd - Booth 4006

Powertrains are changing and electric vehicles require different test services than regular internal combustion engines

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Precise and reliable measurement tools
HBM Korea - Booth 3009

Whether it is for development or testing, engineers need components that are perfectly suited to the complete measurement chain, guaranteeing maximum accuracy of measurement results to enable optimization of the complete product lifecycle.

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Rugged and portable data acquisition systems
Dewetron Korea - Booth 5030

Providing market-leading testing solutions, Dewetron will use Automotive Testing Expo Korea 2019 to display a range of new and established data acquisition technologies, including its GeneSys inertial measurement system, ADMA (automotive dynamic motion analyzer) and the latest version of Stähle’s automated driving robot system for ADAS testing.

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Regional test equipment distributor
Ipetronik GmbH & Co. KG - Booth 1003

Professional vehicle testing requires partners that can provide a range of solutions. CANsystem provides testing solution for all commonly used vehicle bus systems, as well as mobile data acquisition for harsh environments, voltage variation, and electric vehicle test equipment.

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HIL simulation for ECU testing
Hancom MDS - Booth 4000

For testing the functions, system integration, and communication of ECUs in a simulated environment, only hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation can do it thoroughly.

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E-mobility and ADAS analysis tools
DEWESoft Korea - Booth 2027

EV and hybrid vehicles require performance tests for both batteries and inverters. The tools for testing these need to be able to provide complete analysis.

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Flat Belt Tire Testing Rig
A&D Korea Limited - Booth: 7015

Visitors looking for specific technology for tire testing should check out the new Flat Belt Tire Testing Rig from A&D Korea.

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Improved oscilloscope
Pico Technology - Booth: 6021

Building on the success of the PicoScope 4000 series of high-resolution oscilloscopes, Pico Technology will this year present the improved 4444 model, which now allows high-resolution measurements of differential voltage waveforms.

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Exhaust gas analysis equipment
IAG-Industrie AutomatisierungsgesmbH - Booth: 1034

IAG’s booth at this year’s Automotive Testing Expo Korea will feature a number of the company’s latest emissions analysis solutions.

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Future Show: Automotive Testing Expo Korea 2020, March 10-12, 2020, Hall 10, KINTEX, Seoul, Korea (provisional)