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Rugged and portable data acquisition systems
Dewetron Korea - Booth 5030

Providing market-leading testing solutions, Dewetron will use Automotive Testing Expo Korea 2019 to display a range of new and established data acquisition technologies, including its GeneSys inertial measurement system, ADMA (automotive dynamic motion analyzer) and the latest version of Stähle’s automated driving robot system for ADAS testing. The former provides centimeter accuracy in positional data capture for vehicle dynamics measurements and ADAS tests; the latter allows for precise driving and steering of vehicles on proving grounds with lateral and longitudinal control. These rugged and portable data acquisition systems can help users perform a range of high-quality on-road vehicle tests easily and quickly, including brake, ride and handling, ACC, AEB, BSD, LDW, FCW, functional safety, hybrid and electric vehicle testing, and customized dynamic testing. What’s more, visitors can discover Dewetron’s new ADAS software, Oxygen BirdsEye, which visualizes the relative position of a moving master vehicle and multiple other vehicles on the screen to calculate relative velocity and relative distance. In turn, this allows complex two-dimensional geometry, such as a vehicle silhouette, visualizations of OpenStreetMaps, and visualizations of previously recorded paths.

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Future show: Automotive Testing Expo Korea 2023, March 8-10, 2023, KINTEX, Seoul, Korea (provisional)