High-power test solutions

TechwaysKewell will introduce its high-power test solutions at the expo.

As the voltage and current required for testing in many fields continue to increase, the company has prepared the D2000 series of bi-directional power supplies capable of up to 1,200V/1,200A/600kW to meet high power requirements. Communication not only allows users to control equipment but also makes it easier to test battery and solar simulation functions.

TechwaysKewell will also introduce the B2000 series, a high-power battery charger and discharger. The B2000 provides low voltage and high current, allowing convenient high-power testing of battery cells or modules. Each device has multiple channels, allowing more batteries to be tested at one time.

Both devices use a regenerative function to reduce the high input power required in long-term high-power tests. Future scalability is easy thanks to their modular design that takes into account changes or expansion of test conditions.

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