Day 2: Total testing solution for drivers (from DIL to VIL)

Innosimulation is a company that supplies XR solutions and simulator systems for smart mobility to the global market. They possess XR simulation technology based on digital twin and have grown into a global leader in the XR-based simulator system market for automotive, railway, heavy equipment, aerospace, marine, defense, and other industries.

Especially at this Automotive Testing Expo exhibition booth, you can explore two main types of solutions. On the right side of the booth, there are explanations about the autonomous driving test platform regarding software/hardware implementation methods. Visitors can also watch videos demonstrating the implementation with a Vehicle-in-the-loop (VIL) mockup.

On the left side of the booth, they showcase how to implement motion platforms and control logic systems necessary for various testing scenarios, known as Driving in the Look (DIL). The overall booth setup for this show is structured as a total solution comprising Driving in the Loop (DIL) - Hardware in the Loop (HIL) - Vehicle in the Loop (VIL).

Mr. Byun Deok-su, Director of InnoSimulation (Director of Smart Mobility Business), stated, "Especially at this exhibition, it seems like there's a lot of focus on simulation and solutions in the industry. When I attended the Automotive Testing Expo in China last year, I didn't get the impression that there were many companies related to virtual testing platforms. However, in the Korean exhibition, there seem to be many companies related to testing methodologies and virtual testing."

During today's technology presentation stage, Director Byun Deok-su presented on the topic of VIL. He stated, "I would like to discuss how to verify ADAS performance. I wanted to emphasize the need for well-implemented environments indoors and the need for more robust systems. I decided to take the stage to share Innosimulation's VIL solution and technological capabilities, which are leading worldwide, with our partners."

Meet Innosimulation and learn about their VIL solution at booth 7000.

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