Day 2: Technology Presentation Stage - Hydrogen fuel cell cell/stack test introduction and development direction
Suwon University

Professor Shim Jae-ho of Suwon University will share information on "Hydrogen fuel cell cell/stack test introduction and development direction" on the technology presentation stage.

While hydrogen cars are becoming more common on the roads, opportunities to understand the structure or see the internal workings of hydrogen fuel cells are rare. Therefore, through this presentation, Suwon university aim to increase understanding of hydrogen fuel cells and broaden the awareness of the testing industry.

The core of hydrogen car technology lies in the fuel cell and stack, analogous to the engine in conventional internal combustion engines. Here, the combination of hydrogen and oxygen produces electricity and emits water vapor as exhaust. This basic principle has become common knowledge for anyone interested in cars. However, knowledge of the internal structure and testing principles of fuel cells remains limited to a very small number of individuals.

Professor Shim mentioned, "Before the use of hydrogen, there was active development of eco-friendly cars using methanol and ethanol. While they could reduce carbon emissions compared to conventional fossil fuels, their inherent carbon content makes them unsuitable for the current trend towards carbon neutrality. Currently, research is also underway to increase the energy density of batteries, but due to economic and safety reasons, it is expected that the utilization of hydrogen will expand and become more universal in the future."

Since 2022, Suwon University has been operating the first hydrogen car small business contract department (master's program) in Korea and has established a hydrogen fuel cell testing testbed to operate a specialized education program. Suwon university participated in Automotive testing expo to contribute to sharing understanding of hydrogen fuel cells and expanding awareness of hydrogen car-related testing industries,

Meet Suwon University and other topics at the technology presentation stage on the third day of the exhibition.

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