Scalable datalogger for vehicle management and verification

The new IPE833 is a scalable datalogger for vehicle management and verification. This datalogger supports up to four channels of CAN, CAN FD and CAN FD SIC, GNSS up to 10Hz and has a built-in GPS-receiver. It can connect to IPECloud and FTP-Server via 4G or WiFi to send and receive data wirelessly. Data monitoring is also possible wirelessly through the IPEmotionME application.

Its applications include vehicle durability testing (measurement and monitoring of long-term driving data), vehicle crash testing (remote monitoring of data before and after a vehicle crash), image and video measurement for ADAS verification (synchronization of video data and control unit measurements), and measurement and calibration of ECU data such as powertrain and chassis (data measurement and calibration via CCP, XCPonCAN and XCPonCANFD)

Further applications for the IPE833 include the e-mobility sector, where data can be measured and analyzed for system optimization. It can also be used in the defense industry to verify driving data and various control device operations between equipment startups.

For more detailed information, please visit the company’s booth in Seoul.

Booth: 4010

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