Day 2: Noise and Vibration Analysis Systems for Automotive Testing

Cylos supplies measurement equipment for noise and vibration, including sound level meters, accelerometers, microphones, and other sensors. Additionally, they offer sales and technical support for vibration durability testers, controllers for vibration durability testing, and CAE analysis-related programs. They have performed extensive consulting related to testing and analysis, including the development of specialized programs based on user requests and the design and production of power supply devices, amplifiers, speed controllers, and test jigs required for testing.

At this booth, you can explore noise and vibration analysis systems, controllers, and purchase accelerometers or endurance testing equipment and related analysis programs.

Cylos employee Pyo Se-hoon remarked, "This exhibition notably features many overseas companies. Given that the Korean automotive market is shifting towards eco-friendliness and electric vehicles, the field of vibration and noise has also evolved significantly compared to before. Evaluation systems for automotive vibrations seem to have changed a lot, too. For instance, whereas before we focused on low-frequency ranges, but these days there's more emphasis on automotive motors and high-frequency ranges. It's evident that the scope and areas of automotive testing are gradually evolving."

He added, "Testing is truly essential in the automotive field. When producing new products or systems, it's crucial to determine what tests are necessary and what environments are ideal. I hope attendees can confirm this through Automotive Testing Expo."

Visit Cylos at booth 5030 to explore their automotive noise and vibration analysis systems and a variety of endurance testing products.

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