Day 1 : Technology presentation stage - Evaluation system for autonomous driving safety verification and performance validation: utilizing AB Dynamics GTC
Magus Technology

In a technical presentation on stage at the Automotive Testing Expo, Magus Technology described the use of AB Dynamics systems in multi-vehicle testing for automated driving safety verification and performance validation evaluations.

AB Dynamics' GTC system is a key validation and verification tool for Magus Technology, synchronizing and controlling a single test vehicle and multiple subjects (real vehicles, dummy vehicles, and dummy pedestrians). In the case of ADAS (AEB/LSS) verification, it was possible to verify simple functions under 1 (test vehicle):1 (target) conditions to test the operation of such functions, but in the case of autonomous vehicles, repeated tests under complex conditions are required to ensure safety against multiple unexpected situations. Magus’ GTC system is characterized by the ability of the targets to synchronize with the test vehicle's position and speed errors to cancel them out, the exchange of watchdog signals between all targets to prepare for problem situations, and the emergency shutdown of the entire system in the event of an unexpected event visually detected by the control personnel.

Hyangseol Cho, the manager of Magus Technology said "Automotive Testing Expo Korea is the largest exhibition dedicated to automotive testing and is of interest to most engineers involved in vehicle testing, which is why we chose to attend. We are honored to be presenting again at the world's only vehicle testing show”

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