Day 2: Automotive thermal management equipment and automotive testing equipment
Seoul Industry Engineering

Seoul Industrial Technology is a company equipped with various automotive testing equipment such as automotive environmental testing, durability testers, pressure cycle testers, flow testers, calorimeters & system test benches, and environmental and climate testing.

Mr. Oh Sang-jin, the representative of Seoul Industrial Technology attending this exhibition, stated, "It has been over 20 years since I attended the Automotive Testing Expo. I have been participating in the Automotive Testing Expo held in North America and Germany for over 20 years, not primarily for business purposes but to confirm and prove the path we have walked so far."

At this exhibition, visitors can experience miniature versions and simulations of the equipment delivered by Seoul Industrial Technology, with a particular emphasis on gaining a more detailed explanation of automotive thermal management safety.

Mr. Oh emphasized, "Regardless of cooling or heating the vehicle interior, without thermal management in various fields such as MCU (Mode Change Unit) cooling and inverters, the situation may arise where the vehicle cannot operate. Therefore, I believe that thermal management in the automotive industry will increasingly become prominent over time, and I attended this exhibition to emphasize this point."

Visit booth 2010 to learn more about Seoul Industrial Technology's testing equipment.

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