Day 2: Development solutions and comprehensive testing equipment for ADAS and autonomous driving

Dspace is a company with solutions in various fields, including automotive, on/offline commercial vehicles, and the energy industry. In the automotive sector, they specialize in solutions for autonomous driving, powertrain, e-mobility, V2X, and connected service communication systems.

At Dspace's current exhibition booth, you can explore solutions for ADAS, autonomous driving, cameras, radar and lidar, perception algorithm development, and products that simulate the role of a human eye, such as the Ladir camera. Additionally, comprehensive testing equipment with autonomous driving functions is also being showcased.

Ms. Lee Seul, Manager of Dspace's Korea branch, particularly highlighted the Korean automotive testing market, stating, "Through this exhibition, we can anticipate significant enhancements in communication solutions. For instance, with the increasing number of components connecting to automobiles and the complexity of communication lines, it seems that there will be a greater diversification of development products and solutions in communication."

He further added, "Although Automotive Testing Expo is known as an exhibition targeting automotive-focused companies, I believe automotive technology can also be applied to other sectors such as aviation, agricultural machinery, construction equipment, robotics, and drones. Additionally, individuals developing computer systems related to military purposes could also benefit greatly from participating in this exhibition."

Meet Dspace at booth 6020.

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